Up and Down the Grand Canal

A great way to see the Grand Canal is to take a round-trip ride on the Vaporetto No 1.
The vaporettos are like commuter buses, except of course they are boats. Leaving from the area
around St. Mark's Square, by standing on the starboard side you can take pictures of the "left" bank,
then photograph the "right" bank on the return trip. I took all the photos on this page on one round trip,
using my trusty Minolta 9 camera and a 24-50mm lens.

Thanks to The Grand Canal, a great book of photographs by Umberto Franzoi and Mark Smith,
for help in identifying these buildings.

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Left Bank:
Palazzo Badoer Tiepolo, now the Europa Hotel
Claude Monet stayed here in 1908.

Palazzo Contarini Flangini Fini,
Palazzo Manolesso Ferro,
Palazzo Contarini Fasan

The third building, begun in 1470, has the reputation
of being the home of the model for
Shakespeare's Desdemona.

Palazzo Pisani Gritti, now the Gritti Palace Hotel

A great hotel and fine place to have dinner in the
terrace restaurant. Ernest Hemingway stayed here regularly.

Casa Succi

Palazzo Pisani, currently the home of
Venice's Conservatory of Music

Palazzo Garzoni. dating from
the 15th Century

Palazzo Corner Contarini dei Cavalli

Built in 1445, it gets its name from rampant
horses in the crests on the piano nobile.

Palazzo Corner Loredon,
Palazzo Dandalo Farsetti.

Notice the two lovers sitting by the water at the right.

Palazzo Dolfin Manin

Built by Sansovino in 1538, he also built the
library and loggetta in St. Mark's Square.
Currently occupied by Banco d'Italia.

Palazzo da Mosto, Palazzo Dolfin,
Palazzetto Dolfin, Palazzo Bollani Erizzo

Palazzo da Mosto is one of the oldest houses in Venice,
erected between the 11th and 13th Centuries.

Palazzo Contarini Pisani

Casa Gatti Casazza

Right Bank:
Church of San Stae

Casa Biondetti, Casa Centani,
Palazzo da Mula, Palazzo Barbarigo

Palazzo Barbarigo was decorated with colorful
mosaics by the owners, who were Murano glassmakers.

House on the Rio della Fornace,
Palazzo Barbaro, Palazzo Dario

Palazzo Dario's Gothic edifice was
renovated in 1479 by the architect Pietro Lombardo.

Casa Salviati

A relatively new house, it is a showcase for
the Salviati family, who are Murano glassblowers.

Santa Maria della Salute

Our Lady of Good Health, built 1631-1682
after the plague that ended in 1630.

Santa Maria della Salute

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